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Whether it be a seminar, a meeting, a gathering or a festive event, it is a relief at the end of the day or evening to be able to enjoy on-site accommodations, in a quiet country setting.

This simplifies travel planning, eliminates addititional costs and more importantly eliminates risks associated with night and after-party travel.


We offer a large array of accommodation possibilities, from guest rooms to dormitory for one night only or several consecutive nights. Depending of the season, we can also offer weekly rentals in one of our fully equiped apartments: what could be better than to be lodged comfortably on-site when planning a major event with local suppliers, caterers, florists, public and church officials?

From the single use of the whole Domaine to meet the overall accommodation requirements of a special event, to making available a few guest rooms as part of small gatherings or simple visits, Domaine de Lamartine is ready to meet many different needs.

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